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The Search for the Essence of Ghost-story is a quest, a consultation, a workshop and an ever developing dialogue. It is also a downloadable e-book.

Little did the writer know that synchronicity would lead him to believe that everything had led to this moment. Everything. The belief that that there might well be spirits watching over us, the knowledge that telling stories of such could cause people to believe what they heard. That this could become a living!

As a writer and poet who has gradually been led down a path to where my name is becoming synonymous with the concept of ghosts I wonder that it was all for this moment. The very tendency to be over dramatic in my introductions serves only to show.

I introduced myself at St Olaves School in York as a part of this series of consequences as a writer; a poet and a storyteller – A teller of ghost tales. Perhaps I was a pawn in the greater play and had been led here by the spirit of York’s most famous and foremost ghost-teller.

I have been a performance poet for some 18 years and have developed interests and experiences that widen my brief to the point that being a poet and even possibly a writer as such are just small parts of the whole. Children’s entertainer, Viking, radio presenter, narrator, event and media host the list goes on, and now of course includes the ever grow element of ghost teller.

I tour as a storyteller with Psychic Futures and over a long development of a wonderful working relationship with Jerry Scott [more] of Radio York I have become their ghost guy.

As part of my work for another wing of self Spendlow’s York [more] I was involved in a promotional drive raising awareness of our audio histories.

The audio or narrative histories cover a wide range of aspects of history from York that has a greater significance and influence for the country, perhaps even the globe. Among this innovative collection is one topic of particular relevance to the visit to St Olaves; The history of Guy Fawkes [more]. He has a part to play in our tale as he haunts our experiences as we travel along the narrative path below.

Naturally, with such a topic to hand, we thought it obviously relevant that we should approach two schools in particular; St Peters and St Olaves. As a result of this interaction information on our history CDs is no doubt on display covering the Minster, Vikings, Romans, Dick Turnpin and of course Guido as he chose to become known.

Also enclosed within this package were details on my work with Haiku, the Japanese originated observational poetry form. This caught the attention of the present head of English: a former pupil of the school from this site, the girl’s grammar; Queen Annes, Ms Jones. A keen promoter of the form through her work here she was interested to see a new and lively approach yet was rather saddened to realise this piece of news had come to here not long after she had finished her series of work on the topic for the year.

Pupils are of course encouraged to pursue such activities through choice and interest as well as part of planned lessons and the footage on haiku is highlighted as a fun visiting place for anyone who would like to browse Youtube. All action movie snippets that hurtle you into the world of this observational art form that has the danger of drawing you in and keeping you. [more]

The very next morning it may have been when Debora Jones was preparing for work when that name ‘Adrian Spendlow’ appeared again. This time amid the news and weather and traffic came a supernatural element to the morning with Adrian’s daily ghost story for Jerry Scott.

I am very pleased to say that Ms Jones is now a regular listener and as a result of her commentary others are now setting their alarms to ‘Adrian’.

This gelled with another project of hers, this time an imminent one. I must say at this point that I am very pleased that Ms Jones is the coordinator of visits to St Olaves as that perhaps is the reason I am here writing this! The project? A career long quest to raise the awareness of the benefits of a questioning mind. An annual project to assess the nature of a good story. Good writing can be promoted in many ways. Here I can now tell you is a wonderful one. Children of a certain age are fascinated with a good tale and a supernatural tale, especially a classic, is a great case in point. A way to explore that is intriguing; The Ghost story.

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Adrian Spendlow: 01904 789950 / 07952 425670. 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York YO243BQ
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