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An invitation to attend the court of

The Kingdom of Neversleep

(Bedtime Stories for the Royal Children)

The royal family is very large; it is you the audience, and you are invited to come along in pyjamas for an audience with the king and a host of storytellers. Our king (Adrian Spendlow) is a sorry fellow, for whatever he does he cannot get this family off to sleep. Every tale he has tried has filled them with excitement and things are getting desperate. He even serves hot chocolate in the interval to see if that will help. A call goes out across the land for the best in tale tellers (Miles Cain, Anneliese Emmans Dean, Mary Passeri) to fill the family’s heads with enchanting images to send them off to Slumberland.  Right at the last, with a desperate group effort, they just might succeed and see the whole ‘family’ fall off to sleep in their seats.
Participating storytellers:

Anneliese Emmans Dean is a prize-winning poet and photographer whose entertaining poetry shows have been putting smiles on people’s faces in venues up and down the land, ranging from Oxford Playhouse to the UK’s largest planetarium.

prize-winning poet and photographer

Primary Times reviewed her award-winning eco-show Buzzing! as ‘An absolute must’ at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. Jack, age 10, declared: ‘I personly think you are the best poet in the world.’

Anneliese often performs her poems on BBC radio. To celebrate World Poetry Day this year, the Radio 2 Arts Show commissioned a poem from her, which she performed live on air.

Adrian Spendlow is well known as a lively and original storyteller who draws on traditional tales, history and folklore to create dramatic new approaches to commissioned themes.

lively and original storyteller He has played characters for such festivals as the York Literature Festival including Oscar Wilde and Branwell Bronte in original, especially created, dramatic tellings. As the ‘Skald of Jorvik’ he has recently performed extensively in Norway and is recognised for his work as poet in residence for the Jorvik Viking Centre and his many themed medieval shows as Hobb for Barley Hall in York. He is a full time poet and storyteller who travels widely.
Mary Passeri is to be found telling stories in places as diverse as galleries or theatres, on steam trains, in schools, parks, stately homes and at the odd music festival or so, here in England and in Italy.
Mary hosts interactive storytelling workshops Mary uses a mixture of traditional and original stories, sometimes funny sometimes sad, usually irreverent.
These interactive storytelling workshops weave storytelling with mime, movement, props and costume to bring adventures to life. It’s all about funny hats, joining in and what not to do while waiting for a bus!
Miles Cain is a writer, storyteller and musician based in York. He has told stories in schools in York and North Yorkshire, the 2010 YUMI Festival, and in libraries in York, Hull and Sunderland.
Miles tells well loved stories Miles studied Drama and English Literature at York St John University and says 'I love the way stories still have a magic power to connect with children of all ages.' Miles tells well loved stories like Rumplestiltskin, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and George And The Dragon. He encourages children to get involved - often with hilarious results. 

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Adrian Spendlow: 01904 789950 / 07952 425670. 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York YO243BQ
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