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“A great ghost walk in York, thank you. We went back round some of the places again the next day.”
Graham Malia, Ghost Walk Attendee 



“We had a great time and really enjoyed your 'tour', thanks for looking after us on the night.”
Ray Parker




“We give your walk ten out of ten.” York Ghost Walk enthusiasts David and Nige



The Search for the Essence of Ghost-story is a quest, a consultation, a workshop and an ever developing dialogue. It is also a riveting book and will shortly be a downloadable e-book.

Little did the writer know that synchronicity would lead him to believe that everything had led to this moment. Everything. The belief that there might well be spirits watching over us, the knowledge that telling stories of such could cause people to believe what they heard. That this could become a living!

As a writer and poet who has gradually been led down a path to where my name is becoming synonymous with the concept of ghosts I wonder that it was all for this moment. The very tendency to be over dramatic in my introductions serves only to show.

I introduced myself at St Olaves School in York as a part of this series of consequences as a writer; a poet and a storyteller – A teller of ghost tales. Perhaps I was a pawn in the greater play and had been led here by the spirit of York’s most famous and foremost ghost-teller. more

Essence of Ghost is one of a selection of ghostly books from the pen of Adrian, where ‘Essence’; is a quest, Blood Eagle and other Ghosts is a collection. The first book from the many ghost stories Adrian has told on radio. Enjoy this collection as a forthcoming eBook or order the book itself today.

Adrian is well known as a guest broadcaster, especially for Radio York, where he has told over 600 ghost stories. He is always glad to hear the call to appear on the radio or television and is recognised in the street as a result – although some people tell him off, (with a wry smile), because he has frightened them! Listen to some of those stories here .

Poems of Spirit is another publication from the highly original Adrian Spendlow that is different again. This time we have a collection of Adrian’s performance poems, which all have a spiritual feel, that have been gathered over his career: from Native American-style chants to Aboriginal thinking; from garden poems written directly by spirit to entertaining wisdom. Enjoy by yourself or choose one to read at a suitable gathering. Available shortly as an eBook or as a publication by post (or read one or two of the poems for free).

Son of York’s first ever Ghost-walker, yes Adrian’s Mum started it all way back at the beginning of the seventies, following on from her research work for the late John Mitchell the author. So, seeing as she is retired, you could not do better than to arrange a ghost event with Adrian. Rather than going on a trudge around York with one of the many walks that churn out the same tired old script they’ve been working for years, spend time with an original and gifted storyteller. Whether you would like an evening at the delightful Dean Court Hotel just by York Minster, (or at your own hotel), a walk for your group tailored to your needs, or a night around the haunted inns of York you will be assured of a fresh new experience every time you book. Venues such as theatres are also welcome to enquire about a ghost evening.

Contact Adrian now...

You can see a poem of Adrian’s written about his Mum’s experiences here.

The work for St Olaves school the sister school of St Peters is featured in Education and Community, plus there is a sample of their spooky tales in Ghosty Stories. The children enjoyed a reading from The Red Room (H G Wells) and a selection of my stories and poems plus a workshop on the telling of a good tale. Following these sessions we also gathered in the John Mitchell Library and they told me their stories, often to open-mouthed looks of amazement from their friends, and from me too.

There are further details in Paranormal on the more spiritual side of the veil. You will also be able to discover details on readings and products such as our famed Nordic Cards with a Pick-a-card feature, which has proved very popular live over the net, or you may prefer to learn of a full set to purchase.

A wonderful review of Adrian’s ghostly events is here for you from the pen of reviewer Linda Jameson

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Adrian Spendlow: 01904 789950 / 07952 425670. 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York YO243BQ
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