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Collaborations / Arty Pals

GSmith Media - Our very own webmaster.

Also: Graphic DesignVideoPhotography - Recording - Website Design

March of the Britons – And listen to more of Grahams compositions here.

ReenStuart Photography is based in beautiful North Yorkshire, UK. My work focuses on landscape and nature, around the county and across the UK, plus arts and music events documentary photographs.

The amazing work of musician
Jim Neild with image accompaniment by Gramey Smith. Recorded live.

Take 5 minutes out and relax, let your mind drift as the clouds pass through the chatter of your conscious mind, in a moment you will be quiet, and focused.



Ripasso - Order Ripasso from Carol MacAllister a wonderful collection of poetry featuring authors from around the world, which contains three poems from Adrian Spendlow. US poet Laureate Robert Pinsky is one of the poets and among the mixture of very well-known poets and rising stars are three other national laureates!

It is certainly a fascinating read, and by mentioning Adrian you can have a copy for the reduced cost of $10 plus postage (postage is reduced for multiple orders). Simply contact Carol through and say you want to order it. Payment through PayPal will make the currency conversion simple and you will be in for a package through the post which you will treasure.

Adrian tells us he very much enjoyed the performance at York Festival of Storytelling by Jane Oakshot and members of her company (and quite enjoyed the dance too).

We highly recommend the storytelling magazine Fact and Fiction, which has featured work by Adrian.

Adrian writes a regular column for the music and what’s on site Bubble Eye.
Bubble Eye is for people who are seeking the best new music, bands, interviews, social and current sports, news and media comment.

Adrian is now available with the team from the Gingerbread House following the success of their sessions for Musicport on the themes of Pirates and Hansel and Gretel.

Join in the stories and build your own gingerbread model.



Celtarabia: that brilliant band who Adrian is glad to know and always very happy to collaborate with. (An art and poetry collaboration is forthcoming.)

Adrian wrote a whole series of poems to go with their music and an intro poem which you can view here. - Catch them live now!


Adrian is always pleased
to inform people of the skills
of song-writer Dan Webster;
ask to go on his mailing list.




portrait of A Spendlow

Adrian has just done a photo shoot with the amazing Duncan Blakemore and we will be showing off his collection on this site shortly.
Do have a look at his work….

DBNE-Photography's Facebook page

Check out this new book from writer Nick Boardman
The Bargain’.
Only 69p to download!!!! App Store - “Ether”

Read reviews, get customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about “Ether” on the App Store. Download “Ether” and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Bargain by Nick Boardman
wee folk

For those of you who are into folk and have kids around you try having a look at Wee Folk.

York-based but do travel too.

Adrian has worked many times with storyteller Helen M Sant
- on ghostly projects in particular.
Details of Gothic Molly, one of York's well-known storytellers, and the types of event she provides. Story events for adults and children from corporate events to birthday parties to festivals. Currently Gothic Molly is planning the 3rd York Festival of Storytelling 2013. To offer sponsorship and be part of this exciting festival, contact To book Gothic Molly for a storytelling event,
click here for more information

Helen M Sant is Gothic Molly
Ghost Watch of York
is the sister company of Gothic Molly Storytelling offering paranormal investigations overnight, with or without a ghost supper. Ghost Watch of York brings you a full evening's entertainment with mediumship, ghost walks, experiments at a range of places, currently based in York. For details and prices,
please click here... "Ghost Story" is a sister company of Gothic Molly Storytelling providing
mini ghost walks with indoor ghost storytelling and ghost suppers at the Red Lion public house, York, every month. Ghost Story can also arrange ghost parties, ghost walks and ghost pub tours tailor made to your group. Contact
or click this link for more information...
Tony Morris
The wonderful famed Road Rage

Tony Morris has some interesting sites with links below. He has just told us about his most recent achievement:

“I have just created a new website designed for the bereaved and grieving, where they can go to sit and contemplate and meditate, if they wish, without pages of helpful (?) advice. It contains a gentle slide show of scenery and flowers, poems to read, poems with music to listen to and guided meditations.

Please pass this information on to anyone you think might find it helpful.
Please ‘Bookmark’ this site.

Adrian is always happy to recommend
the unique work of artist
Scott Buchanan Barden, who does brilliant animation art. They are currently planning a future collaboration.

Have a look at his work - click on
multi-media after viewing his art work.

“The art works of Scott Buchanan Barden. Paintings of Bristol and beyond.
Multi media historical/political and animation."

Large murals around Bristol
depicting the Bristol Riots/slave trade.

Adrian is arranging to record a selection of his poems to accompany Native American music on an album with Keith Adams

"Shad" is a gifted flautist, and was taught by a Lakota Elder. He has 3 albums to date, and has worked with psychic medium "Hawks Shadow" playing sound tracks to her poetry. Keith also has a stand under the name of Moon-shadow product and will be appearing on stage at both Buxton and Harrogate Health and Healing Festivals.

Gerald England New Hope International;
Haiku Talk reviews, poetry, travel photos and more.

Here's a link to Mike Thornton's Bridlington site which features the poems that came from Adrian’s residency there.

The wonderful Julie Ellison.

"Fans of anyone from Bert Jansch to Joni Mitchell will find shades of what they like here."

- 'Play' Magazine

Order her albums!



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Adrian Spendlow: 01904 789950 / 07952 425670. 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York YO243BQ
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