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Links Please

We always want to hear from you. Do send us your links: Contact

Links increase the hits to your site and the levels of interest you receive so are a great and interesting way to help each other; we are planning an even more interesting way to use links to friends, fans, organisations, colleagues (the team), venues, arts workers, performers, the works!

Here’s what we would like from you:

A little information for each of these

Who you are... - What you do... - How you know Adrian... - What you have to say about him... - What you offer... - About your site and of course a link (if you have no website at present please add email instead - a photo of course and or a logo.

Just a line or so on all or a few of the above and in you will go.

We are always happy to amend entries at your request .... Contact


GSmith Media....Our very own webmaster.

Also: Graphic DesignVideoPhotography - Recording - Website Design

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Adrian Spendlow: 01904 789950 / 07952 425670. 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York YO243BQ
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