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Hobb is just a Pig-man indeed, Adrian’s favourite character and current favourite stories; from Hobb’s Tall Tales in the Tavern commissioned by Barley Hall, for York Archaeological Trust, a whole persona and string of tales have grown and developed. Adrian has become fascinated by medieval life, in particular areas of belief: from myth to saint. Request a visit to your venue, museum, festival or school and be entertained and informed.

Perfect Love – Free Downloads

Action-packed entertaining film feature; this is perhaps the most entertaining project Adrian has ever created. The Search for Perfect Love, set in Barley Hall, is a film in two parts which has the audience laughing all the way. (Many thanks to J Michael Lang for filming this exploration of medieval folk-lore and belief)


"Brilliant stories, you've obviously researched your folklore!" Rob of

The Kingdom of Neversleep

Review of the Kingdom of Never Sleep - York Festival of Storytelling

“Think of stories and you perhaps think of bedtime stories, but there is no falling asleep in the Kingdom of Never Sleep, a place where a child-like king rules and is ruled by his strict nurse. The storytelling piece, originally from an idea by Catherine Heinemeyer, combines character acting, storytelling and improvisation. Adrian Spendlow as the King and Mary Passeri as Nursie were a delight to watch; a charismatic and highly amusing duo, as they parried each other's comments back and forth. While Natalie Jackson, who was signing the performance, on this occasion, perfectly relayed the witty exchanges, with unflagging energy. The audience who had still come out, despite the snow blizzards, were encouraged to join in the show by telling a tale. One of the tellers was Andreas vom Rothenbarth, all the way from Germany, where he is actually a practising storyteller.

With an endless stream of crazy hats, Mary Passeri attempts to disguise herself and fool the king, as there is a reward of half the kingdom for the best tale-teller, while he frets about getting the audience to go to sleep. Eventually, after many tales, we all closed our eyes and slept on the hard chairs in the Meeting Room hall. It was the final show of the York Festival of Storytelling and we needed a hot chocolate (with Baileys in!)

See more


The Songs of Odin and his Quest for Power – Viking Tales

As performed at York Festival of Storytelling

Journey with Odin, the giant, on his magical, mythical, quests to become the All-Father: Hear uplifting tales of him rising again from Ragnarok to sing of hope in a brighter world. A powerful performance delivered by leading York storyteller, Adrian Spendlow, acclaimed in Gudvangen Viking Valley, Norway as "Moving, yet very funny."

The Gudvangen Chieftain said of Adrian, “I want him as my own personal Skald”

Yes the songs of Odin are heard still, singing of hope in a brighter world. Changing the heart of Adrian during his powerful performances in Gudvangen Fjord, Norway; Giving significance to the old beings and to you the listener.

Kids News

This colourful new book of Adrian’s Pirate Poetry comes alive as you read – Please order a copy at only £2.00 including international postage by sending a cheque to ‘Adrian Spendlow’ 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, York UK YO24 3BQ

Lots More News – older, but still very exciting!

Performance News

Slim Knows Time

“Super stylish classic beat poetry from Adrian Spendlow and friends featuring material from poets including Rimbaud, Whitman, Ginsberg, Sylvia Plath and Adrian at his best.”

Adrian and Gramey Smith Just went down a storm at a Macmillan’s Charity Fundraiser.

Audio News

Andvari’s Gold – The Tales That Tolkien Took; Adrian says, “When I listen back to this double CD of storytelling I get riveted myself!” Do please order a copy through jellingdragon

Web Latest

We have just up loaded our latest page to the website – Links. Have a click through and a good look; you might be on there.


Lots of new pages about to go up, keep watching.

Live Links

Adrian’s skills are now available with the team from the Gingerbread House following the success of our sessions for Musicport Festival on the themes of Pirates and of Hansel and Gretel.

Join in the stories and build your own gingerbread model. -

Here is gripping footage: Hansel and Gretel

And this was sent to us of Adrian at Musicport 2011:

Here's the link to the snippet I uploaded over Musicport. Hope you had

a great time :-)


John Allsopp

Arts News

A recent collaboration from Adrian is causing much interest; the combination of poems or stories with works of art from a collection of artists. At the moment this large selection of prints are only available at Adrian’s performances with plans ahead for internet purchasing too. Several artists have offered work for collaborative display so the collection will build, at the moment prints are ready from artists Ana and Ruth.

Anna's water card Ruths haunted card

Adrian tell us that it is a very exciting challenge to write as a reaction to unique art and invites further offerings from you the reader……

(We will be featuring biogs on contributing artists in forthcoming web folios)

Publication News

The first stage of Adrian’s work on Native American thinking is now complete and available. The new publication Visitor Remember containing poems, stories, chants and meditations can be purchased by sending a cheque for £2.50 to the address at the bottom of this newsletter (made payable to Adrian Spendlow).

visitor book cover

Much of the work within this book has already been recorded and we are currently looking for collaboration towards creating an album and would be glad to hear from performers willing to add chant, drum and or flute to fulfil this dream concept.

Touring Projects

Wicked Oscar and his Wild Wild Women

This performance piece of poetry, prose and drama from Pauline Kirk, Alison Yates, Adrian Spendlow and Helen M Sant has been a real highlight as well as a real leap forward.

The book is also available and can be purchased by sending a cheque for £2.50 to the address at the bottom of this newsletter (made payable to Adrian Spendlow).

It was a full house for the York Literature Festival performances.

Branwell Vs the Brontes

Another performance piece of poetry, prose and drama alongside Pauline Kirk, Alison Yates and Helen M Sant created for the York Literature Festival which has gone on to appear at such as the Scarborough Literature Festival and with enquiries wide and far.

“You have such presence Adrian!” – “I felt I was there climbing that cobbled hill” – “I felt it was going to be yet another churning out of the same old views and pieces we so often hear of the Brontes, but not at all, it was unique, fresh and riveting.”

(This project is also available as a book for the same price)

Publication News – Adrian’s Father’s Books

Adrian is very pleased to add another small book by Ronald Spendlow to his collection available; Walking With My Brother (memories of WWII prisoner of war experiences) has been in print for a while now, and Ronald’s second book The People’s War (regarding living among the bombing in war-torn Hull) is now also available to purchase by post.

The books can be purchased by sending a cheque per book for £2.50 to the address at the bottom of this newsletter (made payable to Adrian Spendlow).

Public Figure

Adrian has just started a fan page on Facebook. Please say hello: Adrian Spendlow

Financial Link

Adrian says, “I can heartily recommend Stephen for anyone in the arts who needs accounts guidance, he fully understands the situations of those in the arts and has been extremely helpful; above all I feel empowered, informed and secure and now move forward through my brand new accounting system with confidence”.

Art Accounts

An accounts and advice business designed to help you concentrate on your Art.

Stephen provides these tailored services:

· Home/ studio visit to talk through your financial systems.

· Checking that you claim all you properly can in your accounts.

· Advising on the simplest way for you to keep full and proper records.

· Providing and explaining easy systems (paper and computer) for you to operate.

· Preparation of your sole trader/ partnership tax return.

· A brief check to see if you could be claiming benefits/ tax credits.

Free Initial visit to your premises, within York. Visits beyond York, can be arranged by prior agreement.

Confidentiality assured.

Email: Tel: (01904) 624917

Storytelling News

Fascinating storytelling magazine Fact and Fiction –

Whats On News

Check out the exciting new site Bubble Eye and while you are there read Adrian’s latest article.

Poetry News

Order Ripasso from Carol MacAllister a wonderful collection of poetry featuring authors from around the world, which contains three poems from me. US poet Laureate Robert Pinsky is one of the poets and among the mixture of very well-known poets and rising stars are three other national laureates!

It is certainly a fascinating read, and by mentioning Adrian you can have a copy for the reduced cost of $10 plus postage (postage is reduced for multiple orders). Simply contact Carol through and say you want to order it. Payment through PayPal will make the currency conversion simply and you will be in for a package through the post which you will treasure.

Pal Link

We are thrilled to announce this new book from Nick Boardman ‘The Bargain’. Only 69p to download!!!!

Haiku Links

Adrian’s Guides to Haiku - Have a look at Adrian in all weather magic bringing you a whole series of snippets of guidance on this beautiful poetry form. Many thanks to Gramey of GSmithMedia for these three sets of blue screen wonder.

Haiku 1

Haiku 2

Haiku 3

CD News

Jorvik – York and the Vikings; This CD covers the development of the Viking age across Britain with special attention upon the wonderful old city of Jorvik. Created by GSmithMedia and available through Jelling Dragon -

Party News

You can book a full evening with Adrian for your group or party at the delightful Dean Court Hotel in York on an evening to suit (and perhaps stay there too) please enquire for details or have a look at the site - or 01904 625082 -

Viking News

Adrian’s hand-painted Nordic Story Map is now available as a printed cloth version with full information pack. This specially created image of the Viking World-tree features dozens of images covering all the major places of story elements and can be used to create improvised stories, as a fascinating wall hanging or to look ahead in your life.

Please send a cheque for £40 to ‘Adrian Spendlow’ 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, York UK YO24 3BQ for the full package.

Have a peep -

Historic News

Dick Turpin and Guy Fawkes on one historic CD. Produced by GSmithMedia and narrated by our very own Adrian, the two histories together are a bargain at £6 including postage. Please send a cheque to ‘Adrian Spendlow’ 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, York UK YO24 3BQ

Music News

Our super stylish and particularly hep band Slim Knows Time are just about to release our début EP disc Chocolate Brown as a download and a CD. Email

to express interest or ask for link. If your venue or festival would benefit from a classic beat poetry sound featuring material from such as Whitman, Ginsburg, Rimbaud, Plath, Adrian and many more, do hit reply....

Divination News

If you have been to see Adrian you will most likely have experienced his pick-a-cards such as the Nordic Cards, now you can pick one a day.

As well as Viking Gods, Monsters and Beings there are also Journey-cards and Rune messages to pick from. (Adrian also does rune and crystal ball readings if you are in the area or want him to pop over to a party.) Have fun.

Nordic News

A brand new version of the Nordic Cards are now available through the post, this unique creation features Gods, Monsters and Beings from the Viking mythos and are a real stimulus for creativity and guidance. These laminated card sets are £10 including postage by sending a cheque to ‘Adrian Spendlow’ 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, York UK YO24 3BQ

Ghostly News

Join Adrian on the quest for the perfect ghost tale in his book Essence of Ghost at only £2.50 including postage by sending a cheque to ‘Adrian Spendlow’ 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, York UK YO24 3BQ. Originally commissioned for St Olaves / St Peters schools in York Adrian has gone on to create ghostly days at such as Cundal Manor School.

Collaboration News

Adrian was thrilled to hear from the artist Scott Buchanan Barden, who does brilliant animation art, with an offer to create an animation feature for one of his stories. More news once Adrian has recorded a piece for him, but for now have a look at his work: - click on multi-media after viewing his art work.

Spiritual News

Adrian tells us, I put together Adrian’s Poems of Spirit when I realised that I had been writing poetry of a spiritual nature every now and again for a few years and the collection has worked well in performance at such as Harrogate Health and Healing Festival. This has resulted in recording plans with musicians, acceptance of poetry into an international anthology, invitations to perform and, perhaps the most pleasing, purchasers telling me they have read my work at gatherings. To receive a copy send a cheque for £2.50 to ‘Adrian Spendlow’ 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, York UK YO24 3BQ

Runic News

Another great set of laminated cards Adrian has developed are the rune cards. These interpretations of the runes guide your moments and your thoughts while giving insights into our direction. A real stimulus for creativity and guidance. These laminated card sets are £8 including postage by sending a cheque to ‘Adrian Spendlow’ 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, York UK YO24 3BQ

Contact Details

– (Make a booking, send a cheque, a link or just say hi...)

‘Adrian Spendlow’ C/O 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York YO24 3BQ

01904 789950 – note new email address


Do check on events before going along in case things have changed.

Ade x

Old News

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Adrian Spendlow: 01904 789950 / 07952 425670. 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York YO243BQ
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