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Stories on the go with Adrian Spendlow : A Musicport Special

Adrian tells us:

It was quite a challenge to do a set at Musicport 2011 where all the stories were made up on the spot, well it seemed like a challenge beforehand. As it turned out it was great fun.

There were not only my stories on the go; lots of kids had a go too.

So why not keep it going?! There are story topics down below and I would love to see stories from anyone who wants to take up the challenge. Please pick a few topics from the lists and send me your story -


As stories come along I will pop them in below – have a look now at the stories so far.


Story Kit:- Choose a few topics from the list and use them in your story.

Links to the stories so far:

Aloicia of the Caves

The Rat

A Scary Fairy

The Trumping King

The Unicorn – Coming soon


Much more to come…


Here is a link to footage of my work with the Ginger Bread House team at Musicport Festival performing the tale of Hansel and Gretel


A bit of the show here for us…

Here's the link to the snippet I uploaded over Musicport. Hope you had

a great time :-)


John Allsopp

Musicport Festival


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Adrian Spendlow: 01904 789950 / 07952 425670. 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York YO243BQ
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