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Welcome to the shop of Wonders, where we will attempt to bring Adrians wit and charm to the medium of print and recording over the coming weeks. The description of each item is accompanied by an appropriate sample, so please feel free to browse without the breath of salesmen on your neck. Cd's make exclusive gifts for those you love, or for anyone who can't get to a performance, and the 6x9 softback books are ideal for travel bags, handbags and briefcases, their short stories, prose and poems are a delight to pick up and dip into at any time of the day. Each portion provides 20% of your recommended daily intake of original wholegrain literature.

New Storytelling CD

Andvari’s Gold – the Tales That Tolkien Took is available now.

Andvari as a double CD is £10 postage free for a limited time only.

Buy Now

Cheques payable to ‘Adrian Spendlow’

C/O 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York  YO24 3BQ

CDs sent by return post.

Buy Adrian’s Books

Our snazzy all–new sales site is also in construction, but for now you are welcome to order books via the post.

Adrian’s Poems of Spirit – a collection from across the career.

Road to Ragnarok – A dramatic tour through the Viking Myth worlds.

The Blood Eagle and other Ghostly Tales – Short Stories from my radio series.

Essence of Ghost – The search for the essence of a good ghost tale.

Wicked Oscar and his Wilde Women – a selection of poems and stories from the drama.

All only three pounds each; UK post-free (£4 post free elsewhere) cheques payable to

                          “Adrian Spendlow” 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, York  YO24 3BQ

Or order the following CD’s through the post

History of York and the Vikings - (£8 postage free – or outside UK @ £9):

Guy Fawkes and Dick Turpin (Two on one CD)

                                                  - (£6 postage free – or outside UK @ £7)

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Adrian Spendlow: 01904 789950 / 07952 425670. 6 Acomb Mews, Front Street, Acomb, York YO243BQ
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